ALATERRA is premium food brand, offering delicious nourishment products which are grown in self owned fields located in the sunny Aegean. From vine leaves to dried fruits, these variety of foods are presented to the world in the best quality, with the experience of agricultural activity, carried through generations. We use tailored methods such as drying in the certified facilities and pickling, meticulously perfected for you.

ALATERRA farm lands are located in Aegean region, Alasehir area known with fertile soil, while ALATERRA center office located in İzmir which is a coastal town.

ALATERRA works with a solution oriented method, answering your demands, delivering products from farms to your tables with their registered trademark or by wholesale.

Our Mission

As ALATERRA family, we give our best effort to work with you from start to finish in a hardworking, ethical and trustworthy manner. We provide an excellent service, before and after sales, while creating a smooth process from the production and delivery for you to enjoy our products.